13 October 2009

Style Or Comfort?

I scored a pair of Levi's the other day. They used to belong to a teenager but I don't think they have ever been worn. They were in a bag with children's clothing that was given to Carla. They're a size 6 (36/38) and they fit like a glove! "You suck," Carla told me when I was able to close the zipper and still breathe. I was really pleased.

The thing is, they're 'mom jeans'. Jeans where the waistline actually comes up to a natural height. Somewhere in time jeans' waistlines dropped and 'low riders' became the norm. Only mothers (and the occasional world leader), notoriously uncool, would prefer comfort over style and stick to natural waistlines. Hence the term 'mom jeans'.

Despite having been told for years now that the waistline is on the rise again, I have seen no evidence to support this. It feels very strange to wear pants this high and when I look in the mirror, I am instantly transported to the early eighties, back to my high school pictures. This pair of pants may have belonged to a teenager, proving that fashion recycles itself every thirty years or so, they're still mom jeans.

I do not want to wear mom jeans. I am too young to wear mom jeans. And too cool. I must admit though, they're really comfortable. Maybe with a long shirt, so you don't actually see my waistline?


Anonymous said...

Nice front butt.

Christine @UnstructuredBliss said...

Visiting from SITS - I have a pair of those too and only had them on for about 10 minutes the other night before feeling too much like Steve Urkel in drag and discarding them for a "less frumpy" pair! Have a great night!

ij. said...

heel cool layoutje!

Mama Michie (aka Michaela) said...

I can't yet bring myself to go for the "mom" jeans... whether their comfortable or not. But you may be on to something - a long shirt would hide the fact that they have a higher waist.

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