20 February 2010

Take That, Tiger!

Tiger Woods's public apology really has people talking around these parts. Some think he's sincere, some don't. They're very passionate about the subject. Personally, I don't care. It is none of my business. It is nobody's business in fact, but Tiger's and his wife. They should be left alone to work out their issues. Or not. It's their choice, and I don't need to hear or read about it.

But this morning, when I checked my email and found the CNN AM Fix in my inbox, I noticed the Dutch have beaten out Tiger Woods for the Top Story. Ha! Just barely, though, and only because the US has an interest in the matter. Unlike Tiger, the Dutch cabinet has decided not to work out its issues. I wonder if the citizens of Holland get a public apology, too?


Petra Olgers said...

Hear, hear! World news it is. A public apology is the least. Cabinet members should be ashamed and go back to their caves until they show some civilisation. Exept for mr. Wilders who doesn't know the meaning of that word. He cannot be helped. Unfortunately there are voters among the Dutch who acctually take him seriously. Total ignorance is the only solution to his islampolitics. I rest my case and live my own life before unworthy politicians do.
A profound mea culpa for my English.

Anonymous said...

I agree--I don't want to hear Tiger's apologies. Now, the government's, well, yes, I deserve to hear theirs!
I must add I was pleased Elin did NOT sit through Tiger's press conference.

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