23 May 2011

Religious Education

Don't laugh, but I have started to work on my big Christmas project for the year. Last year I made an advent calender in the shape of a Christmas tree. I did not want to fill it with gifts or candy, I wanted to make it about the meaning of Christmas. The plan was to make a twenty four piece nativity set. However, after submitting my plan to a reality check, I went for little ornaments instead, and store bought at that.

So this year I am making a nativity set. Little wooden figurines and needle felted animals. I have needle felted once before, many years ago, under the careful guidance of my sister, needle felter extraordinaire. This time I am on my own. I went online and found a step-by-step tutorial on how to needle felt a sheep. I started two weeks ago. Let's just say it's a good thing the first of December is still more than six months away. My sheep does not resemble a sheep in the slightest.

I mentioned my project to a co-worker in the break room the other day. I don't know if she misunderstood me or has very little faith in my needle felting skills, but she walked in last week with a gift for me. She was at a garage sale where she found a nativity set and bought it for me. I was touched by her thoughtfulness.

When I went to pick up Lola that day, she asked me if I had a surprise for her. I told her I did, as a matter of fact, and showed her the nativity set. Ryan and I are not very church going and Lola's knowledge of religion is basically non-existent. I introduced all the characters of the nativity set to her and then tried to put it away to buckle her in her car seat.

"But mama," she cried, "I want to play with Jesus!"


Sheila said...

Maybe the double-Mass weekend I foisted on her had some unintended effect!
Can't wait to see the Nativity.

Anonymous said...

How cute! And how cool! Making your own Nativity!

Anonymous said...

I love it, but I had to laugh at the co-worker who (very thoughtfully) picked up a nativity set for you, just in case your plans fell through. ;)

Lori said...

Creating a nativity set is a great idea!

My dad made one from scraps of wood and a mismatched set of figures when I was a kid. When I married and had children, that set came to our house. (my dad had since passed)

Every Christmas morning it would "arrive" as a gift from Santa so our kids would remember the meaning of Christmas. They would rush to the nativity set/barn and move the figurines around before they even looked at the presents. (really!)

My son is now married and the nativity set has gone to live at his house with his new wife. It remains one of his favorite memories of Christmas!

I really admire you for starting SO early! Smart!

(happy SITS day!)

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