08 September 2011

A Super Great Day

Ready for The Big Day
"It was a super great day!" Lola said to me when I picked her up at school yesterday. She loved everything about her school: her teacher, her class room, the new friend with the purple dress (Lola is horrible with names), recess, pizza for lunch, and no nap after lunch.

That's right, now that she's a kindergartener, she doesn't think she needs a nap anymore. When it was time to rest, Mrs. L. played a movie for the kids that don't take naps and Lola considers herself one of those now.

This is Lola at 6:30 PM. Out like a light on the couch while I was preparing dinner. She murmured something about being super hungry but try as I might, nothing could wake her up. 

Those super great days, they wear you out.


  1. Awww! She is a big girl now! Hope your emotions are doing well too :

  2. Embracing the world...

  3. I'm glad it was glorious! I bet she naps a lot for the first few weeks.

  4. How incredibly cute! A super great day! We can all take inspiration from her!

  5. Oh children have such wonderful energy! So pure, we could all learn a few things from them!


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