18 April 2012

A Week Of Festivities - Part II

Last Friday was Lola's very first ballet recital. It was held in the auditorium of her school. Four groups of girls from the Anne Renier Dance Academy danced their hearts out. Each group showed off their talents twice with a ballet performance and a tap dance performance. Unfortunately the stage at Lola's school is carpeted and the tapping was mostly muffled. It's been so long since I have been to a dance recital, I can barely remember it. I am fairly certain I didn't cry at that one though. It was a little embarrassing, to be honest.

Today was a reprise of the recital during All Arts Day at Lola's school. And Miss Anne announced at the end that they will be performing again at the Fourth of July Parade right here in town. Some grandparents will be mighty pleased to hear this. Others will have to do with the video footage I shot today. If you're reading this in an email or a reader, you'll have to come over to the blog to play the videos.

(Ryan taped Friday's performance which is of a much better quality and will be made available on DVD for those interested. However, if you have to wait until I figure out how to edit that footage and upload it, DVD players will be obsolete. My crappy camera work will have to do for now.

Lola starts both dances in the back left corner. She is also the one you hear over everyone else in "High Hopes.")

Cute, huh? I am so proud of Lola.


Lou G said...

It is nice that the school allowed a token non-blonde to perform.

Michelle said...

Too Cute!!!

IJme said...

adorable ;)

Anonymous said...


Sheila said...

So cute. Every photo/video I have of my girls' dance recitals has them looking to the side of the stage at their teacher, too.

Anonymous said...

Zooo leuk jouw Lola: doet me denken aan mijn eigen dochter op haar 5e als 'bijtje' in haar eerste balletuitvoering. Haar eigen zoon,nu net 6, doet niet aan ballet.
Overigens: ook na zeer kritische tweede blik: Lola maakt er echt wat van. Ze is wel de beste on stage!

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