23 July 2012

Things I Learned Today

:: Every time I think I am making progress, I find another obstacle on my path. Sometimes I feel like I am drowning. I succeed in making it to the surface and am briefly able to breathe, only to be pulled back down moments later. I want this to change. Now.

:: Lemon Verbena is not a hardy plant, at least not in this part of the country. (I have quite a few in the backyard, and they are not in pots.)

:: A furnace filter needs to be replaced every thirty to ninety days, depending on the filter and whether or not you have a cat.

:: I don't hate ironing anymore.

:: There is no such thing as 'wrinkle free' cotton.


Anonymous said...

I'm in full agreement on that last one.

Judy Nelson said...

I really don't like all the ironing in summer but I like wrinkley clothes even less! So I find a good movie, set up the clunky ironing board in front of the tv and do a couple weeks worth ....with a G&T nearby....mustn't spill that! And I'm careful not to accidentally pour it in the steam iron...sometimes it gets confusing!!

Unknown said...

I've developed a love for ironing, probably alongside the time I started sewing. "wrinkle-free" cotton is a dirty, dirty lie!

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