17 August 2012

Summer Bucket List

Lola and I made a summer bucket list at the start of her summer vacation. I went over it the other day and we're looking pretty good. More than half the things we wanted to do, we actually did.

There was fun in the backyard with water. Check.

There was father and daughter fishing. Check.

The father also taught the daughter how to fly a kite. Check.

A sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa. Check.

We went to a pick-your-own fruit farm. Check.

Unfortunately the pick-your-own raspberries are only available in the fall. So we went to the zoo instead. Check.

We went camping this weekend up in the UP. Check.

We finally made it to the Pulaski Polka Days. Check.

We are going to the county fair next week. It's right here in town so there's really no excuse to miss it. We are seriously considering entering a craft, by the way. Our vegetables, while tasty and prolific, are not quite 'fair ready.' Check.

Not on the bucket list but nonetheless accomplished this summer: going to the circus, riding on an elephant, feeding a giraffe, catching a bullfrog, riding a bike, and learning to sew.

So what's left? Hog wrestling, a trip to the farmer's market in Green Bay, a pie festival hosted by Lola, and learning new campfire songs. By the campfire of course. I'd say we are having an excellent summer, if a little hot at times. How is your summer going?


  1. I love what type of activities made the list! Sounds like a great summer. Can't say ours is as cool, but fun and busy!

  2. You have a great list! We're down to the final 3 on our bucket list...not sure if we'll get them all done though since T starts cross country next week. *sigh* Enjoy these young years!

  3. Aww- so sweet! Loved this list

  4. I love your bucket list! My bucket list for summer came to an end with the only item left undone -whale watching in the Sound. Lucky for bucket-list people, we can move it to next summer! Miss you guys :))


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