21 May 2013

Summer Evening At The Ball Park

Yesterday was the Rangers’ first baseball game of the season and they played well. Sadly they lost. But Miss Lola got a hit without having to use the tee. Proud parents of course, but the slugger herself was not impressed.

“I have done it before.”

Must be her number. It was hot, the mosquitoes were atrocious, but the smell of brats on the grill and the crack of the bat hitting the ball made for a perfect summer evening.


Karyn said...

Go Lola! Great pics!

Ria said...

You go girl!!!!!!liefs Oma Ria

Scott said...

She's getting so big!! Tell Ryan hello

Sheila said...


Anonymous said...

1. Really love your new header!
2. Go, Lola, go!

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