20 July 2009

Summer Romance

The third weekend in July is traditionally Lake Fair Weekend in Olympia. And keeping up with our  family tradition, we did not go. It is the time of year when the days are sweltering and the nights are sultry. Rather than melting in a crowd of people we decided to go swimming in Summit Lake, and hang out in the backyard with friends. It was the perfect summer weekend.

It was three years ago this weekend that I came out to Washington for the very first time. A single girl, smitten, flying out for a summer romance with a dashing young man I met at a Wisconsin wedding. Four days later I flew back again, engaged and pregnant. If it weren't for that last bit, Jane Austen would be proud. How quickly and thoroughly life can change...


  1. I bet Jane Austen still would be proud-- after all, you are forging along on this adventure, letting no obstacles get in your way, turning up your nose at convention, still burning with passion, etc.

    Yep. I'm sure she'd be proud.

  2. I'd say "Call me Ms Bennett" if we didn't already have one of those in the family...

    Thank you.

  3. I like... ;-) And you know which part ...

  4. I really appreciate that video and the pics. Lola can really run. We miss you guys!

  5. Ontdek ik ineens een filmpje van m'n nichtje! Wat is ze al groot! Hopelijk krijg ik d'r (en jullie natuurlijk ook) snel te zien!


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