02 July 2009

New Parenting Technique

My daughter loves food but she is a grazer when it comes to eating. She eats little bits all day long. Every other sentence coming out of her mouth is: "I'm hungry." Even when she can't be because she just finished a meal. She'll proclaim she's hungry anyway.

The other day I was trying to get her to empty her plate in one go. The incentive of becoming a member of the Clean Plate Club did not do much. She kept saying she was all done. So I resorted to a new technique: old fashioned bribery.

"Lola, would you like some ice cream?"

"Yes! Ice cream. I love ice cream."

"You must finish your meal first. No clean plate, no ice cream."

Worked like a charm.

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Judy said...

Good to see you're blogging, Hanneke. About Lola, your technique works for Mike's family too. However wouldn't it be a teachable moment to just refuse her any snacks between meals? Indeed that would make Mom and Dad's life very miserable however! Tough job raising kids!

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