14 January 2010

Don't Panic, Ask Google

"What happened to my money?" Lola asked me as she walked into the kitchen tonight.

"I don't know," I answered her, "where did you put it?"

"In my mouth."


"Lola, please come here. Did you put money in your mouth? And did you swallow it?"


"Did you really do that, Lola? And is it now in your tummy?"

"It was in my mouth. And now it's gone." She opened her mouth as wide as she could to prove it.

Great. Now what? Should I panic? Bad idea. Then what? She seemed absolutely fine. No crying, no aches or pains. No drooling, no discoloration, nothing. No need to panic. Yet.

I told her to come with me to the living room where I grabbed my wallet and looked for a penny, a nickel, a dime, and a quarter. "Can you tell me which one you put in your mouth?"

She pointed to the quarter. Argh! "That one. No, that one," she added, pointing at the dime. Better, but I wasn't sure what to believe. And I still didn't know what to do. My CPR training did not cover this.

Being a twentyfirst century mother, I turned to Google. I typed in what to do when your child swallows a coin and hit return. It came back with 52,400 hits. I was relieved to find out I was not alone on this one. And after reading a few results I felt much better. The consensus seemed to be to wait for the coin to pass. And perhaps speed up the process with Fiber One bars. Not having any at hand, I gave her a handful of prunes.

To make sure I am not a horrible mother by not rushing her to the Emergency Room, I called her pediatrician in Washington since the doctor's office in Crandon was already closed. The nurse told me what signs to look for that warrant a trip to the hospital: high fever, vomiting, severe belly aches to name a few. So far she appears unaffected.

So now all we have to do is wait and very closely examine anything that comes out the other end. It's a good thing potty training has not yet been completed. Ryan will be thrilled. She is sleeping with me tonight, just so I can keep an eye on her.

And as if all this wasn't trying enough, while I was talking to the nurse, Lola got into the band aid supply and stuck them on her legs. All but one. I should use that remaining band aid and tape her mouth shut. Tempting, very tempting...


Anonymous said...

Wow, you have a toilet now.

Hubby said...

I leave for 2 hours and this is what happens. I wonder why this doesn't happen during my Mr. Mom duty....skill....luck....or am I just a cheap skate??

Helen McGinn said...

Oh, I've been through this; queue one of my worst experiences; my son doesn't just swallow a coin...noooo....he gets it stuck in a way that is so rare, the interns are called from various parts of the hospital to come have a look at the freak show...*cue circus music*

Don't worry though, it was obvious it was stuck because of pain. no pain, it's coming out, pain...maybe not. We spent a night in hospital...me, straight from a 12 mile run, scared and sweaty. :O)

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and for your lovely comments!

Helen xx

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Your job is cut out for you now, Inspector! The burning question is - what do you do with the money once it passes? Keep it?!

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