28 May 2010

Childhood Pictures

There is a picture in my childhood photo album that always brings a smile to my face. I am two, maybe three years old, and visiting the park with my parents and grandparents. Holding hands with my father and grandfather, they swing me along. I don't have a care in the world.

Will Lola feel the same way when she looks at her childhood pictures years from now? Will she remember the strong hands that held her, the absolute certainty she would not fall, the thrill of the big jump, the simple pleasure of going wheeeeeee?


Sheila said...

I glanced at the photo (keep in mind I'm not really awake yet) and thought, "Oh my-- Hanneke as a toddler looks JUST LIKE Lola!"

It was a full second before my brain registered Ryan and Jim in the photo, and another second before I realized that the photo in question was not of you, your father and grandfather.

Need. Coffee.

Karyn said...

precious moments

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