30 November 2010

Handmade Holidays

A brown paper package, tied up with string. It really is one of my favorite things. For Nicole, my handmade holiday exchange partner, I fancied the brown paper package up a bit.

I would love to do a handmade holiday gift exchange in my family, but I don't think there would be too many takers. Fortunately, Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous provided me with a way to get my fix by hosting a handmade gift exchange on her blog.

I was filled with ideas for gifts. Felted woolen slippers, paper tree ornaments, miniature wreaths, to name a few. And if I didn't have a family and a full time job, I am sure I would have made all of them. Instead I designed a necklace and earrings for Nicole, and sent her one of my handmade glass ornaments. The package goes in the mail today. I'll show the gifts off tomorrow, during the big reveal on Linda's website.


  1. For the record, if you do indeed have my name, I would LOVE one of your homemade gifts, especially of the Christmas decoration variety. Alas, I cannot get behind a handmade exchange program, as there is not a crafty bone in my entire body.

  2. Oh fun! I'm knitting up a frenzied storm still...


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