20 November 2010

Hunters & Gatherers

I like my men in orange
Today is Opening Day of deer hunting season up here in the Northwoods. The alarm was set for 4:30 am. While I do not hunt, I did rise to assist my mother-in-law in making a hearty breakfast for the N. boys. They took off an hour later in their coordinating orange outfits. It was 18.5 degrees outside.

On the way to work I encountered dozens of pick-up trucks parked by the side of the road and many more men walking around in blaze orange. It was a colorful ride. I overheard some locals complain about it being very quiet this morning with hardly a shot fired. The bucks take care to stay out of sight.

A large, eight or nine point buck has been spotted several times this week, leisurely strolling down our street. Moving inside city limits is the smart thing to do now, if you're a deer. I wonder if he knows...


Unknown said...

Lieve Hannes, dat jij nu toch een jager aan de haak hebt geslagen! In een ver verleden hebben jullie toch erg gelachen/ gehuiverd om mijn jager....Misschien moet je eens mee gaan en word je net als ik gegrepen door hetzelfde virus. dat virus is bij mij trouwens totaal weg, ook al ben ik nu wel op jacht naar een rat, die steeds bij mijn kippen zit... In zijn oranje pak is Ryan wel een look-alike van Bruce vind ik! XX Jes

Anonymous said...

'Tis the season ESPECIALLY up by you! D and T saw a deer on their way IN to the woods yesterday afternoon. It's raining today, so nothing's moving.

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