10 March 2011

Snow Casualty II

We met another neighbor yesterday, the one that lives on the corner of the street. Like us, he owns a Chevrolet, albeit a much bigger one. It was snowing and very slippery when we met. Just as he turned up the street, we came driving down. We did our best to avoid each other but our cars did not oblige. Ryan and I came to a full stop on the stop sign.

No humans were hurt, only cars. And of course the stop sign/street sign. The big Chevy barely has a scratch on it. The smaller one, Big Blue, was taken by car ambulance to the nearest collision center. Our little Aveo was no match for the other car. She is scratched along the entire driver's side, the steering wheel no longer works, and her front tires are both facing inwards.

Poor Big Blue. And poor us. I am officially done with winter weather!


Jacob said...

Glad to hear that you all are safe despite Big Blue's trip to the auto clinic!

Sheila said...

Ugh! So sorry. Keep taking deep breaths and remember that the plane ride is mere days away...

Carla said...

Oh no! Sending you sunny thoughts (even tho all we have is rain!)

Alely said...

have fun visiting your family in holland! here from SITS and your comment caught my eye!

happy FRIDAY!

Anonymous said...

Well, that's one way to run into people. Winter is SO hard on cars.

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