18 April 2011

A Gentle Reminder

When I dropped Lola off at daycare this morning, her teacher and I talked about her not quite so festive birthday party this Saturday. Miss A. told me it was the start of Spring Break and lots of people were going out of town. I did not know that. My bad for poor planning. It is still no excuse for not calling, though.

One of the no-show mothers overheard us and explained why her daughter wasn't able to make the party. "It would have been nice to know that so I could have prepared Lola for no-one showing up," I shot back and gave her a dirty look. "Oh," she replied. Filled with resentment I walked out of the daycare, got in my car and left.

A few minutes later at the traffic lights, I pulled up behind a car with LVG NRGY on her license plate. I am assuming the driver was a she, I don't think many men up here are prone to driving around with Loving Energy written on their cars. It made me smile. I took a deep breath and all my anger flowed right out of me.

The universe was talking to me again. Thanks for the reminder.


Anonymous said...

Spring break or not, bad manners (like not RSVP-ing) is never acceptable. I can imagine your sigh as you let it go, though!

Amanda said...

Oh man, tht would be tough for a kiddo (and mom) to endure! My kids are still young and haven't had friend parties yet, but I will besure to take all of this into consideration, thank you!

Also I love your message from the Universe! Sometimes we all need reminders to feel love when we are feeling quite the opposite. What a wonderful way to be reminded!

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