04 June 2011

Winners Of Strange Contests

I just read on the Dutch news that the greater Eindhoven region has been awarded the Intelligent Community of the Year 2011 prize by the Intelligent Community Forum. For those of you who have never heard of Eindhoven; it is a large city in the south of Holland, and home to Philips headquarters, of television and light bulb fame.

I did not know this particular competition existed before I read that interesting bit of news. I do know people like to compete for the strangest titles and awards. Even in our family.

The other day when we were out and about looking for a place to live, we wandered around on a property and emerged covered in ticks. After the tick count was complete, Ryan came out the winner. I must have pulled fifteen ticks off him that afternoon, and at least ten off Lola. Strangely enough not a single one was found on me.

When it comes to bear sightings, we are all in agreement that Lola has seen more black bears these last two years than anyone else.

But where moving is concerned, I am the absolute winner. When we move into this cute little Victorian home later this month, it will be the twenty fifth time in my life that I have moved house. TWENTY FIVE MOVES. That's a little more than once every other year.

For the next five years, I am not going anywhere. Wild horses cannot drag me.


  1. Anonymous05 June, 2011

    Really good news Hanneke. We will be in the U between 8 and 29th of July. Can we come and do some Bear spotting then?

  2. Anonymous05 June, 2011

    I am not far behond you. Just counted to 21 times. I am also done moving.

  3. Congratulations! Great pictures. I doubt that was an outhouse... just a place to put really big pots... ;)

  4. Adorable house!

  5. Ester van H.05 June, 2011

    Congrats on finding your gorgeous new home! And victorian house in the States no less ;-) Should be worth the effort of moving...

  6. Anonymous06 June, 2011

    LOVE that twee little house! Congratulations!
    Ticks--I'm feeling itchy now...


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