27 August 2011

I Will Survive

Since moving house, my commute is back up to fifty minutes. In the summer that is. I expect it to be quite a bit longer in the winter. The road I take now is not a well traveled, well plowed, well salted highway like the one I took last year. No, these days I drive down an itty bitty country road, with lots of lovely curves. The first part is not too bad, but as I get closer to the casino the road gets rougher. About twenty minutes out, I have to make a choice: take F, which has co-workers shoot me looks of pity, or C, which, in the winter, is certain death.

But even in good weather it’s a tricky drive. I practice my dodging skills daily with the help of care free bear, oblivious deer, and suicidal poultry. There is the occasional raccoon family to avoid, or the odd sandhill crane. And if it’s not an animal testing my reflexes, it’s the Fedex truck tearing around the corner like a bat out of hell. The drive is even more fun in the dark, as you can imagine.

I am however, determined to survive the months ahead. I have replaced the tires on my car with all weather, all terrain ones and had them slashed for extra traction. My subscription to OnStar is renewed and I have started to stock the car with emergency supplies. I should be fine.

Fingers crossed.

And maybe send up a prayer or two.


Stephanie said...

I will stop complaining right now about the dutch traffic and time spend commuting! Good luck and be careful!

IJme said...

We drove that same road the other day and guess what? No bears to be seen, no deer either, not even fowl. Quite a challenge though in winter, I understand your worries. Pls do be cautious!

The Dutch Girl said...

I am sure it has to do with the time of day (and the time of year) I drive down that road: early in the morning. Although yesterday the bear crossed right in front of my car in the middle of the afternoon. Turkeys try to kill themselves at all hours of the day though...

Morgan said...

Looks like you are headed for daily adventures! Lots of good blogging fodder!

Visiting from SITS :)

OnStar Gal said...

Hi Hanneke,

This is Brynn with OnStar Communications. I’m sorry to hear that your commute each day is so tricky! It sounds like you’re taking the right precautions for staying safe, and I am happy to hear that OnStar will be with you to offer peace of mind along the way. You might also want to check out onstarconnections.com - it's a great resource for general road safety and driving tips.

If you ever need to reach an OnStar advisor, simply push your blue button at any time – we’re here 24/7/365!

Safe travels,

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