25 August 2011


Meet our tomato plants: Mr. Stripey on the right and Black Krim on the left. Heirloom tomatoes they are, and high maintenance I found out.

They were bought at Fleet Farm earlier in the summer. The plan was for them to find a nice home in our soon-to-be vegetable garden. In the meantime I planted them in freshly painted pots with topnotch potting soil.

However, the vegetable garden plan has been rescheduled for 2012 and the tomato plants stayed in their pots. I don't think they like their pots much, especially Mr. Stripey. A whopping two pieces of fruit he has given us. At $2.99 a plant, that is $1.50 a tomato. Who said growing your own food was economical?

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Gerdien said...

Herkenbaar..die van mij waren eerst veelbelovend groen, en toen bruin :-(

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