19 May 2012

Bed Building

Exciting times in the N. household. We are building raised beds for our fruits and vegetables today. Ryan has enlisted the help of a friend, who thought he was coming up to go fishing, and I have every confidence the project might actually be completed in one weekend. That is a good thing, because Ryan has to go back in for more elbow surgery next week and I do not feel like taking on this project myself.

But first we must break and level the ground. My husband is a stickler for level surfaces. Right now he is picking up a rototiller while I wait for the wood to be delivered. And first thing this morning a dump truck pulled up to drop off ten yards of dirt. It's been awhile since we purchased dirt by the truckload.


  1. looks fun, can wait to see the final product. P.S. White Shorts!! Thank gosh for bleach!

    1. It is fun. For me. The boys are working in 91 degree weather and sweating buckets.

  2. Anonymous21 May, 2012

    Whoo! that's a project!
    I really like your lilies of the valley in the header--so pretty.


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