01 May 2012

Second Opinion

It's Tuesday and Lola does not have school today. As we are sitting in the kitchen, leisurely enjoying our breakfast, she excitedly points out the window.

"Look, look, look!"

I look. All I see is Sandman, the cat, at the edge of our yard. So does she. She thought it was a bunny.

She asks me if bunnies can walk, getting on all fours to demonstrate her meaning. I tell her no, bunnies can only hop.


"Yes, really."

"I'll ask Mrs. L. tomorrow, see what she says." Clearly she is not convinced I am right about this one.

Slowly but surely I am falling off my 'Mom Knows Everything' pedestal...


Karyn said...

Like! I have now lost my status to Zoes peers, I'll here " well Amelia said "... And she believes her 7 yr old friends word over mine. At this point I'll take the teacher's word!

Christel said...

Get used to it honey LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I've been there, too. The teacher knows best for a few years--but then it comes back to you.

Dark Blue Dragon said...

Oh dear. Maybe I will have an advantage in this as we homeschool. I always seem to be out rated by dad though....

Hope you had a lovely day together.

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