24 April 2009

Dead Fish & Dirty Towels

I listen to KAOS (public radio) in the morning when I drive to work. Shortly after 8 o'clock radio columnist Jim Hightower comes on. He comments on US politics, "battling the Powers That Be on behalf of the Powers That Ought To Be." His column is sponsored by the publisher of his book 'Swim against the current, even a dead fish can go with the flow'. I haven't read the book but I think the title is brilliant!

We filed our taxes last week. Had to be done. It was not good. We knew it was coming, but it was still a shock when we actually saw the numbers. Stress levels in this family have gone up a bit since then. We decided to throw in the towel, then took it out again. Threw it in again, and took it out once more. We keep going back and forth and the towel is getting quite dirty.

My Olympic Adventure has become a constant struggle. For all its beauty, we do not own our property, it owns us. The burden is gaining weight. There is so much potential here, I am convinced it is a worthy fight. But as much as we try to go with the flow, we swim mostly against the current these days. And it is wearing us out. We are not moving forward, not even a tiny bit, we are barely staying afloat. It breaks my heart to write this, but we are in serious danger of drowning. I think it might be time to get out of the water.

So, since the universe seems to be in tune with my blog, I am throwing it out there once more: if this is meant to be, can we please get a sign of some sort? And perhaps a flotation device? Thank you!


  1. Do stay in the water baby and stop thinking; it's the jumping from one bank to the other that kills you.
    Our brain never solved a problem like this so whenever you 'think' you're drowing, relax and tell your brain to take a hike. It's your soul who knows the way.
    This is not the Universe speaking, on the other hand, Holland is quite far away.

  2. what happens when you throw in the towel and decide to leave it there?

  3. We start a new adventure in Wisconsin most likely. And I am stuck with an strangely titled weblog...

  4. As much as we want you here, we want you here on your own terms. Our door is open to you (as are our arms), should you need it.

    You can always come up with a new title. Life is nice that way.

  5. Wisconsin... wooo, that's a long way from whales, microsoft & St. Helens! What is to be found there, family? Do tell, please?!

  6. What is to be found in Wisconsin? Lots of Nelsons and a few Van Heijningens, all with wide open arms. And cheese, beer, and brats, of course!

    It's where we met...


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