14 April 2009

Sing-A-Long Post

Because The Sound of Music is a classic, everyone should be able to sing along! Here we go. One, two, three...

Raisins in noses
A daughter that cringes
Saline filled hoses
And blue bulb syringes
One screaming toddler
That's tied down with strings
These are a few of my least favorite things

I didn't really tie Lola down with strings, I pinned her down with my legs but that doesn't rhyme. Nor was it a hose filled with saline. Just a little tube. In the end there was no raisin to be found in her nose. She probably just pushed up a booger while she was picking her nose and eating raisins at the same time.

That'll teach her!


  1. Emma, Maggie and Elisabeth LOVED this. They won't stop singing it!

  2. They'll probably find a raison in her lungs when she has her first chest exray! From a concerned grandparent in sunny AZ.

  3. Added bonus: Maggie can now play this melody on the violin.

  4. We should all make a musical together!


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