26 August 2009

Hole In The Wall

How to bring light in the darkness in eight simple steps:

Step one
Build the window frame. Careful measuring is crucial here!

Step two
Take a break to clean the gutters. Not really necessary for proper window placement, strictly speaking, but much appreciated.

Step three
Cut a hole in the wall. This is a VERY scary step.

Step four
Remove the cat from the new window opening. Essential.

Step five
Place the window. Enlisting the help of a good friend for the heavy lifting rather than working with your wife on this step is better for your marriage and her back. Unfortunately no wife means no photographer.

Step six
Take pride in your work.

Step seven
Mentally prepare for an eternity of grubby fingerprints on the glass.

Step eight
Enjoy the view. And the light!

Ryan did good. Real good. And did I mention he figured out how to light the oven without blowing up the barn, too? My husband rocks, people!

And never before have I enjoyed window washing this much!


Sheila said...

*cue Hallelujah Chorus*

Well done, you two.

Kari said...

Great job! We just added walk-out french doors to our basement (that was not originally a walk-out). I was freaking out when my husband had to dig into the ground and cut a big opening through the concrete wall. It turned out great, though, and makes such a difference with all the light coming in now. Stopping by from SITS to say hello1

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! We're so proud of you 3!
Judy aka Mom

ij. said...

I love the youtube movie. you're watching the grass grow for quite a while and then, when you almost gave up, the wall gives way and shows this proud human being....

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