19 August 2010

Home Sweet Home

After two and a half months of being strung along by various lenders and a dysfunctional mortgage broker, it was decided that an immigrant with a limited credit history is not a wise investment at this time. The house we were hoping to buy will now be home to another family. That was disappointing of course, but we quickly recovered. We're flexible nowadays.

Instead we resorted to renting. One look in a local newspaper lead us to the lovely Courthouse District in Rhinelander and the house we moved into last weekend. The move was fairly painless, except for the heat and the humidity. Most of our stuff was still in bins and boxes and it was merely a matter of loading it into the big truck. With the help of my parents-in-law that task was accomplished in half a day.

We have plenty of space in our new home, a charming split-level from the sixties. We each have our own room: a proper bedroom for Lola, a music room for Ryan, a craft room for me, and an extra bedroom and bathroom for guests. All we have to do is unpack. For the first time in a loooong time, every bin and box will be emptied. Some of the bins have been stored for almost two years. It is so much fun going through everything, it's like Christmas come early.


Ellemieke said...

Congratulations, great to hear you found a home, enjoy your space.

Laura said...

so happy for you guys- can't wait to see you in sept- been meaning to call you- what # do i reach you two at? lots of love to all of you!

Mary Catherine said...

Congrats on the new home! Good luck with the unpacking :) It took me FOREVER to unpack!

I am stopping over from SITS! Have a fabulous day!

OwningSingle said...

Congrats! There's no better feeling. Stopping by from SITS.

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