08 August 2010

Local News

I love watching the local news channels. Not just to find out what is going on in our neck of the Northwoods, but because there is a distinct small town feel about it which I find very charming. Channel 12 News for instance, has such horrible lighting in their news studio that all the anchors look washed out, as if they haven't seen daylight in forever. And their accents leave no doubt they were born and raised in Wisconsin.

Our local paper is the Forest Republican. It is published once a week. My favorite segments are the articles written by the correspondents of the tiny neighboring towns such as Argonne and Cavour. I love reading about Bill & Macy who came up to their cabin last weekend, or Bob who was run over by his lawn mower, or Ed & Janet who went to the movies, not to mention John whose cow sent him to the hospital with several fractured ribs.

But most of all I love that every time my family participates in a local event, we end up on the front page...

Judy and Hanneke visit Crandon's Kentuck Days


  1. Just stopped over from SITS. Love this post, it cracks me up. My Dad is from a teeny little town in Pennsylvania, and whenever we'd go visit, my FAVORITE was to read the newspaper for the very reasons you wrote about. Nothing more entertaining then hearing who went to the movies, or who had so and so over for lunch. Sounds like a lovely place you live in.

  2. *L* This happens to me, even though local is a big city! I seem to appear on the news or newspaper every few months. I must just have that look....

  3. What a great peek at real life

  4. Wow, as a dutch girl in an American newspaper........what's a good translation for "het lokale sufferdje". That's a good one for your daily dutch word at work :-)

  5. Really it's the PICTURES that keep drawing us to the local papers, isn't it? That and the quaint news articles. I agree, I love them, too.


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