07 December 2011

Doily Snowflakes

The snow is taking its time this year. We have had a few inches here and there, but that has mostly melted away. I have resorted to making my own snowflakes by freezing doilies in baking pans and hanging them in the trees in our backyard. They sparkle when the sunlight hits them.

I love it! But now I want the real thing. The forecast tells me not this week, though. Not yet.


Judy Nelson said...

I must have missed this blog. That snowman is cute....as are your serendipity snowflakes.

Blue Cotton Memory said...

I agree - if you don't have a snowflake - make one - and - wow! Shabby Chic Snowflakes! Too Cool! BTW - just to snow on your parade - we had HUGE snowflakes for hours yesterday! I was in Snowflake heaven!

Anonymous said...

I never saw that before but how cute!

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