08 December 2011

This And That

My friend Petra sent me a little bag of spices to make Dutch speculaas. Thank you, Peet! It arrived without a hitch. (Three years ago she sent me tulip bulbs for my birthday. All I received was an empty envelop with a note from the Department of Agriculture politely stating they had removed the contraband items.) My kitchen smelled unbelievably wonderful yesterday afternoon. The speculaas was delicious if I do say so myself.

We have about thirty pounds of sausage and an equal amount of steak, stew meat and other cuts sitting in the small entry outside the kitchen. It is the remains of Ryan's buck that I picked up today at the butcher. To accommodate this amazing amount of meat, we bought a freezer yesterday. It still needs to be hooked up.

The buck's head has been dropped off at a taxidermist. He'll be ready for mounting on the wall late June, early July. Just in time to incorporate in next year's Christmas decor. I'm thinking lights between his antlers and possibly a red nose. The taxidermist was very impressed with Ryan's deer, called him "a dandy." We're calling him Willy.

We have a tree. Ryan took the afternoon off on Monday and we took a little drive to one of the many Christmas tree farms in the area. The sun was going down and we didn't have much time to browse around. We didn't need it. We stumbled onto the perfect tree within minutes. Even the tree salesman was impressed with our decisiveness. Of course our decorating speed leaves a little to be desired. This weekend.


Anonymous said...

That's a HUGE tree!
Yay for the spice delivery!
And I like "Willy" for a deer head name.

Lou G said...

Willy? Really? That's all you got? It is your deer (well, Ryan's) so you get to name it what you want. However you are such a creative woman I think (actually I challenge) you can do better. How about: Deary, Studly, Horney, Buckley, Brownie or Yummy? Ok, maybe not Horney. At the first meal where you eat the meat from “Willy” maybe the three of you can come up with a more fitting name. Then you can blog about how and why the new name was chosen. Kind of kills two birds (one deer) with one stone. :-)

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