24 March 2009

Bad To The Bone

Speaking of manly men; Chewy, the company dog, is back for a few days. He went to live with his dad a couple of weeks ago. It was awfully quiet at Bello Modo without him. Yesterday morning he came tearing through the door with Shelly and her dog Maliika. A very pleasant surprise. However, he ran right past me, never acknowledging my presence.

His dad has bought him a new collar. A really tough looking collar made of black leather with metal studs. It makes him look very manly. And evidently does wonders for his self confidence. His lapdog days appear to be over. No more of that girly touchy feely stuff like saying hello and being really happy to see us. No, he completely ignored us, stole Maliika's bone AND her bed, and spent the morning chewin' and chillin'.

He is still a wuss about getting wet though.


Judy said...

Okay, I couldn't get what Bello Modo was about--now I get it. You sound like a real dog lover, Hanneke. Good luck with your husband on that issue! Sandman is irreplaceable. I just wish he could talk and relate his life adventures to us. What a character!

Hanneke Nelson said...

I am a cat person really. But some dogs are cute...

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