21 March 2009

I Am Lola's Mother

Yesterday, as I was leaving Ralph's, the fancy supermarket where you can also drop off your mail and pay your taxes, I saw a familiar face. It was a little boy with his mother. I realized it was Dawson, one of the other kids that Carla cares for. A very sweet and shy two year old, who just this week started talking to me. Before he merely looked at me from underneath his eyebrows. Lola loves him very much. I had never met his mother, however. She looked at me looking at her child. I doubled back.

"Are you Dawson's mother?", I asked her. She gave me a puzzled look and answered tentatively "Yes."

"I am Lola's mother," I said to her, holding out my hand. We shook hands and smiled at each other.

"Oh, Lola! Dawson loves her. He talks about her all the time. Lola. Lola."

We talked about the kids for a little bit and then we said goodbye. As I was walking to my car, I chuckled. For the first time in my life I had introduced myself by my honorary title, and not my name. But then it hit me: we had ONLY used our titles, we never exchanged names. I have no idea what to call her, other than 'Dawson's mother'. And neither does she. Obviously I must practice my introduction. I have too many names already and do not need another one.

"Hello, my name is Hanneke. I am Lola's mother." Easy enough. I should have no trouble mastering this!


Anonymous said...

This is so true and so funny. You have such an awesome way of making the normal and obvious funny. Actually, You are the next Carrie Bradshaw (Sex in the City) That is the profession you need to pursue!!

Karyn v. said...

Ok, I might start to give people the image of me as a stalker, but Hanneke I have been waiting all day to read your next post. Your killing me with anticipation, I know your the mother of a very soon to be 2 year old, but come on what's wrong with you, can't you find the time? I am experiencing withdrawal. Oh that was me above too, I am just figuring out how to make comments and didn't make the very obvious connection that when i click anonymous that it means that I would be anonymous. I am losing it.

Hanneke Nelson said...

A real stalker. I could not receive a bigger compliment than that. Thank you.

But jeez woman, talk about pressure!

Karyn v. said...

Oh I am sorry, no pressure please. Just do what comes naturally. I will admire your talent quitely from a far so you can relax.

Hanneke Nelson said...

Don't worry, I can handle it! It's actually nice to know there are people waiting for new posts.

Life of a Stepmama said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!! I know I am late but wanted to stop in and read your post. Too cute!! Next time you will have to exchange names!! Its hard to keep up with it all!! :)

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