30 March 2009

Grandma In A Pocket

Lola was checking my pockets for grandma, yesterday. First she investigated the right pocket. When she didn't find what she was looking for, she got up, walked over to my other side and looked in the left pocket. "Grandma in pocket?" No. No grandma to be found in either pocket, but she did find a box of raisins. She settled for that.

She was looking for my digital camera. She knows it holds pictures of her grandmother. Ever since we have returned from Arizona, Lola loves to look at pictures of her grandma. She once saw a picture of Judy on Facebook, so now whenever I take out the computer, Lola comes running up to me "Grandma, grandma!", directing me to Judy's homepage.

I remember taking pictures of my nephews with an old-fashioned camera, several years ago. The youngest came up to me, wanting to look at the 'little pictures'. I tried to explain how in the old days there was such a thing as film and developing pictures. A time consuming process. And no preview. "Oh."

Growing up in the digital age will do that to you.


Sheila said...

Aww... cute. And I'd be really worried about Lola becoming the No. 1 Favorite Granddaughter, but I read yesterday's post. She's got just enough devil in her to keep my kids from looking too bad by comparison!

Hanneke Nelson said...

Trust me, there is MORE than enough devil in her. Yesterday morning she used the F-word again. When I looked at her and said "What did you say?", she smiled sweetly and answered "Fudge..."

She's not yet two.

Judy said...

She is definitely a sweetheart--as are all 4 of my granddaughters. We did have fun together during her visit.

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