28 March 2009

Lola Speaks

Proud Mom Report
We were waiting in the checkout line at Jo-Ann fabric and craft store this morning, when out of the blue Lola started counting. All the way to ten! The only one she skipped was seven. Child prodigy for sure!

Not So Proud Mom Report

Lola is developing a bit of a potty-mouth. No idea where she picks up these words. Ahem. The 'mot du jour' starts with an ef and ends with uck. She likes to say it with feeling, loud and clear, for everyone to hear. When I tell her it's an ugly word she cannot use, she looks at me and says it louder. Testing boundaries is fun!

The 'do as I say, not as I do' parenting technique does not seem to be working. Mouth rinses all around, then!


Judy said...

Tell her father that it's time to start being a role model!

Carla said...

"Carla, are you f-ing kidding me?" Lola asks as seriously as a heart-attack.
You can look at the bright side and realize that she is now saying 5 and 6 word sentences when she asks that question...and amazingly, she gets the delivery right every time. Cracks me up!

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