17 September 2010

Little Girls

There is a sweet little girl in Lola's daycare that's physically very advanced for her age. She's four but she could easily pass for a seven year old. Her mom is young, single, and very much into dancing. Consequently her daughter knows some moves that are not exactly appropriate for her age. She loves showing them off to the other little girls. When Connie catches her, she always intervenes but it appears some of it may have rubbed off.

The other day Lola and I were in the bathroom. She has asked me for a wipe to clean her bed, she's very helpful when it comes to cleaning, and I was reaching for one to give to her.

"So mom," she said in an almost seductive voice, "what do you think of me?"

I turned around. "Um..., huh?"

"What do you think of my body?", she added. One hip pushed out, hand on her other hip.


Where did this come from? I am so not ready for this, and I don't want Lola to be either. She's three! I told her I thought she was beautiful and sent her on her way with a baby wipe. She wiggled her butt at me and took off.

Little girls, I tell ya, they grow up so fast. Too fast, if you ask me. I don't think this is an issue with little boys. Right?


  1. Oh boy. It's not an issue with boys, but little girls who act like women are an issue FOR boys!

  2. Oeps, nog even en ze wil niet meer zonder lippenstift naar buiten ;-) Maar het opgroeien gaat zeker snel en ik vind je blog echt heel erg leuk om te lezen!

  3. Check out the clothing for girls about 7yrs -12yrs ish. At target in that section they have BLACK LACE LEGGINS (victoria secret style) connected to a mini skirt! Seriously!


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