27 September 2010

Autumn Colors

My drive to work grows more colorful and beautiful every day. I am trying to instill an appreciation for nature's glory in Lola but haven't been very successful so far. Perhaps my readers are more receptive...

Fiery Red
Nature's Quilt


  1. What a wonderful backdrop for the ride home...Thanks for stopping by my SITS Day!

  2. You are having that effect on me. I notice all kinds of things in nature I never did before just from reading your blogs. I love it!

  3. BEAUTIFUL! I love this time of year... Just stopping by from SITS. I look forward to reading more.


  4. The pictures are awesome. I am always amazed in the fall by the bright colors that appear.

    Stopping from SITS!

  5. Gorgeous photos. Love the glorious autumn colors.

  6. Indeed, gorgeous colours! My favourites are the white birch trees that go a flame orange. So much to love! Let's enjoy this because soon enough we will be looking at white, and lots of it!

  7. Oh! How beautiful! I LOVE fall! The colors are amazing. Lucky girl.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  8. Those leaves are so intense. Hopefully Lola will absorb some of your love of beauty, even if it doesn't appear until later.

  9. Absolutely beautiful!! I stop at least once a day to admire our surroundings. Ours aren't anywhere near that beautiful, but I still love where I live.

    Stoppiny by via SITS!


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