05 October 2010

My Girl

Lola was singing funny made up songs in the car this morning. One went like this: "My mom is the best mom, my mom is the best mom..."

I really liked that song, needless to say. Being the modern day mother that I am, I bragged about it on Facebook, to the amusement of several of my friends.

When I checked my Facebook page a few hours later, I saw that silly little line again and a rush of gratitude came over me, simply because I am able to say I am a mom. And the best mom at that.

I was 41 years old when Lola was born. To be honest, I did not think I would ever be a mother. And I was okay with that. I knew there would always be a small regret that I would never experience being pregnant or knowing first hand what it is like to love a child of your own, to see yourself in your offspring, to raise a little person. But it did not consume me. I believed it just wasn't meant to be.

But it was meant to be and thanks to Lola, and Ryan, I am able to brag that my child thinks I am the best mom there is.

Thank you Lolalief, you are the best daughter in the whole wide world!


Anonymous said...

Awww, that's just a sweet tribute to you and your daughter!

Anonymous said...

so sweet! Makes me almost want to have kids lol.

Jeannett said...

oh my gosh! she is so stinking cute! thanks for stopping by!

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