14 October 2010

I Break For Thieves

When I went to pick up Lola from daycare yesterday, I decided to take the residential route through town, rather than the main street. At some point I saw a small creature crossing the street about a block ahead. I couldn't really tell what it was but it was the size of a skunk. I slowed down carefully to avoid setting it off.

It turned out not to be a skunk, but a gray squirrel struggling with a great big indian corn, husks and all, in its mouth. It appeared to have stolen someone's fall decor. Nothing is safe from these itty bitty creatures. They don't stop at bird feeders anymore, they'll raid your porch if they get the chance. Wicked little thieves!

I must admit though, he looked really cute...

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Anonymous said...

I adore squirrels...but that's probably b ecause we don't have too many in our yard yet!

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