15 October 2010

A Letter To Santa Claus

Out of the blue Lola asked what Elisabeth wanted for Christmas at dinner the other night. I told her I had no idea, we would have to ask her. I then posed the same question to Lola: "What would you like for Christmas?"

"A purple suitcase," she answered, most decidedly. Purple is her favorite color, although she just informed me that blue and pink are her favorite colors too, in addition to purple.

"Is there anything else you would like?"

"No, just a purple suitcase."

A purple suitcase it is then. I suggested she write Santa Claus a letter to inform him of her wish. She agreed that would be a good idea. I grabbed a pen and some paper and we set off to write the letter together. Since she cannot write, I proposed she'd dictate and I would transcribe.

We need to work on her small talk skills a little because all she could come up with was "Dear Santa, I would like a purple suitcase for Christmas. Love, Lola." Then again, during the busiest time of the year, I am sure Jolly Old Saint Nicholas appreciates someone who is to the point and knows what she wants.


Anonymous said...

That is too precious! what a specific thing to ask for!

Sheila said...

We've got two Winnie the Pooh purple suitcases - not as cute as the one in your photo, but Lola and Elisabeth would match - and you're welcome to one if you'd like.

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