22 October 2010

Decorating For All Hallows Eve

We have a very large albeit not very beautiful fireplace in our new living room. It is surrounded by an enormous mantelpiece. When I spotted it the first time we walked into the living room, my mind immediately went into overdrive thinking about the upcoming holidays and how I could have fun decorating.

Alas, that turned out not to be the case. This family does not not have a normal TV like normal people. No, we watch TV projected on our white wall. The wall right above the fireplace. This means my mantel decorations cannot exceed three inches. Bummer.

So, instead of arranging bats, ghosts, and crows on the mantel, I spookified the entryway. Enter at your own risk.

My first attempt at taxidermy

Black birds and skulls are a must have

A mouse motel inspired by Martha

Lola's and my spooky ghosts


Anonymous said...

Ooooh...well done!

Sheila said...

All the decorations look great! I could use your help around here. I put up the same damn pumpkins every year. Sigh.

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