18 October 2010

The First Of The First Day Of School

Lola started school today. It's not really school, it's daycare at the Y in Rhinelander but the setting is very school-like. So we call it school. She was very excited about it. Armed with a brand new pink backpack and a polka dot sleeping bag for naps, she set off for her new school this morning. She hopes to make lots of friends. So do we. It would be wonderful to have friends in the neighborhood.

Ryan brought her to daycare and he will also pick her up. Up until now, Lola's daycare was in Wabeno, about five minutes from where I work. I very much appreciate sharing drop off and pick up duties with him. And as an added bonus, a day off during the week is now a day I can have all to myself if I so desire.

It was very quiet in the car though, this morning. Lola is going through a serious "Are we there yet?" phase and wants me to play baby all the time. To clarify: I have to be the baby, she is the mom. It's okay that I am a baby that knows how to drive a car, as long as I cry like one... It's funny and tiresome at the same time. I made up the rule that I only cry from Monico to Crandon on the way down, and from Monico to Rhinelander on the way back, resulting in a lot of "Are we in Monico yet?" On the positive side, she knows the name of every town between Rhinelander and Wabeno.

I missed her chatter this morning but not the crying. But just this once, for old time's sake, I cried a little when I reached Monico.

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Anonymous said...

Aw, I hope it goes well. I hope she makes scads of new friends, loves her teacher and makes splendid little crafty projects.
Wabeno? No WAY! We could really MEET IRL someday!

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