09 September 2010

Truck Loses Bear

When Lola and I were driving home yesterday afternoon, we ran into a strange incident in downtown Crandon. A pick-up truck was parked in the middle of an intersection and two men dressed in camouflage were hoisting something big and dark onto the bed of the truck.

Upon closer inspection I noticed it was a dead black bear, gutted, and strapped to two large sticks that must have been used to haul it out of the woods. The bear most likely fell from the back of the truck when it pulled away at the intersection.

For some reason I have a harder time with the idea of bear hunting than deer hunting. Probably because they look so cuddly. I was simultaneously appalled and amused at the sight of the two guys and their bear. It is not something you see every day, not even up here, and definitely not if you're from Amsterdam.

Have you seen anything unusual lately?


Anonymous said...

That is definitely weird! I've seen some gross stuff lately, namely the chewed gum my sons "save" for later--ew!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

That sounds disturbing, especially since the woods is the home of bears. I hope it was a case of the bear being dangerous having wandered too close to civilization. It's sad to think that as we encroach on their living space they really have no place else to go.

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