19 September 2010

A Magic Flute

Friday was my day off and the plan was to tackle Lola's bedroom. It was total and utter chaos in there. When we moved into this house, we just dumped all of her clothes and toys in her room. She did not have any furniture and has been sleeping on an air mattress for the past couple of weeks.

My brother and sister-in-law donated to the cause and brought up a dresser, a bookcase, a bed, a play kitchen, a kids washing machine, a table with two chairs, and an artist's easel over Labor Day weekend. Everything was shoved into Lola's room. You could barely walk in there.

Trying to sort out clothes and toys with a toddler around is no easy feat. I turned to my trusted friends at Nick Jr and turned on the TV for her. At some point we were watching Toot and Puddle, I think, and in it a friendly older gentleman carved a flute out of a bamboo shoot. Naturally Lola wanted a flute too, and I made the mistake of telling her I had one, a wooden flute, and that she could play with it.

From that moment on, all she wanted was that wooden flute which at some point turned into a magic flute. I looked for it but it wasn't where I thought it would be, meaning it could be anywhere. And there are still alot of bins and boxes to unpack. I told her she would have to be patient. Ha!

Later that afternoon, we ran a few errands and stopped in at the Goodwill. And what catches my eye when I walk in the door? A bin full of bamboo flutes for $0.99 a piece. Perfect. I casually grabbed one and tried to keep Lola from seeing it. She didn't have a clue what a flute looked like and she never caught on to what I was carrying in my hand.

When we got home, she asked me: "Now can we find my magic flute?"

"Yes," I was finally able to tell her. I grabbed the flute out of the bag, hid it behind my back and walked upstairs to my craft room. I pretended to find it in the closet and handed it to Lola. She was delighted. They're so gullible at this age. Then I made mistake number two: I showed her how to use it.

But at least I got her room done.

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Anonymous said...

ah, and now you get to listen to her toot her flute! How lucky to have one handy like that.

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