10 December 2010

Thrifty Seasonal Tradition

My morning cannot start off properly without a cup of coffee. I used to drink out of European sized glasses and cups, i.e. small. I even brought my own when I moved to the United States because the American motto of "bigger is better" was not mine. I was very attached to my small drink ware.

But like so many things, I have Americanized in this aspect as well. I now drink my coffee and other beverages out of giant mugs. Except I don't view them as such, they are perfectly normal sized to me. To prove it, I give you this year's Christmas mug.

Every year I purchase a seasonal cup at the Goodwill or another thrift store, just for me. And every year they get bigger. Somehow they only last for one season, but that's okay. I'll find a new, bigger, one next year.

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Anonymous said...

I don't like big mugs--drinks get cold before I finish them!

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