03 December 2010

Christmas Lights

The Christmas lights came on in Crandon tonight. And just like last year, the town folk gathered in the square, caroled their way to Dr. Perry's house to admire her Christmas display and visited with Santa Claus afterwards whilst enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and a cookie.

Lola wasn't as shy with Santa and Mrs. Claus this time. She sat on Santa's lap and told him all about the purple suitcase she wants. When she couldn't think of anything else, Santa advised her to write him a note and leave it out for him. Something she immediately set out to do when she got home.

Unlike last year, Ryan was with us this time. He missed out on the fun a year ago because he was still in Washington, packing up the barn. It was good to have all of us there. And this is one tradition Lola definitely loves to be a part of. Her Jingle Bells was heard loud and clear through the cold wintery night.

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What a great way to kick off Christmastime!

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