04 December 2009

Small Town Charm

Every Christmas movie set in a small town I have ever seen, and that's quite a few, features the ceremonial lighting of the town's Christmas Tree. The town folk gather in the town square, they drink hot chocolate, and sing Christmas carols. It always made me feel warm and fuzzy inside and wanting to live in a small town myself.

And now I do.

Sure enough, Crandon has a tree lighting ceremony of its own. It was tonight, and it was freezing cold. The main event was preceded by a flashlight parade to Dr. Perry's house, caroling along the way. Lola, bundled up to withstand minus fifty degrees, marched cheerfully along, swinging her flashlight and singing Jingle Bells at the top of her lungs. And I, still emotionally wrecked, followed her smiling and blubbering while mouthing the words, too choked up to actually sing. Happy tears.

Dr. Perry's house is something you must see for yourself. Every holiday season she turns her house and her property into an enchanted forest filled with Christmas Joy. There is nothing tacky about it, it is unbelievably beautiful. People come from near and far to see it. Lola was mesmerized.

Afterwards we town folk gathered together for hot chocolate, cookies and a little heart to heart with Jolly Old Saint Nicolas. Miss Lola was delighted with the candy cane from Mrs. Claus, and ever so softly told Santa she would like Elmo for Christmas. She's a believer, just like her mom.

Lola is asleep now, nestled all snug in her bed. I have no doubt visions of sugar plums dance in her head.

And it is snowing outside.


Melissa B. said...

Oh, I adore small towns...especially at Christmas! Thanks for sharing these Superior Snaps...SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did. Happy Saturday Sharefest!

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Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

I love the small-town feel - and those are crazy holiday decorations!

Just stopping by from SITS today :) It's nice to meet you!

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Sheila said...

See? I told you Crandon would roll out the red carpet (er, make that snowy carpet) for you!

Happy to see the snowsuit fits!

ij. said...

well, I don't know how you all will fare from here but one thing is for sure: you will have winters there. Real ones, snowy ones and bitter cold ones. I must admit, I am jealous. (but to compensate that: I will be leaving for Austria the day after tomorrow) ;)

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