05 December 2009

Home Alone

Lola and I are home alone, watching Home Alone. It is never too early to instill a love of all things Christmas, I say. But perhaps two and a half is a tad young for a full appreciation of the adventures of Kevin McCallister. I don't think Lola completely understands the story.

Until Kevin asked Santa to please bring back his mommy for Christmas. When I asked Lola if she too wants her mommy for Christmas, she answered: "Yes", and then changed her mind.

"No. I want my papa for Christmas."


  1. That's so sweet! :D

    That blog header of yours is lovely.Wish we have snow over in Malaysia too!

    Thanks for visiting my blog from SITS. Have a lovely Sunday! :D

  2. You better watch out Home Alone could put some ideas in Lola's head!

  3. Home Alone (the original) is one of my all-time favorite movies...and not just during the Christmas season, either! I remember when it came out. We hadn't read any reviews, but had heard a little buzz. So we went to dinner and then dropped in to a late screeny. OMG...I've never laughed so hard!

  4. *sniff* I think there's something in my eye...

  5. I love to watch Home Alone at Christmas time with my boys.I think it is one of those must watch in many families around this time.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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