09 December 2009

Snow! And Lots Of It!

We woke up this morning to a foot of snow. Winter has arrived, full-fledged. Tomorrow the low temperatures will drop even further. (They already have in Washington, everyone - including Ryan - is dealing with frozen pipes or hoses, it seems.)

Getting to work was a bit of a challenge, me being a Wisconsin newbie and a wimp about driving in the snow. But I made it, and in one piece. I felt really bad about being late on my third day, but when I realized hardly anyone (guests included) had come in, I felt much better. So good in fact, that I left again three hours later. I prefer a little daylight with my icy roads.

I came home to a nice and clean driveway. Clearly some serious snow shoveling had taken place in my absence.


  1. How is it that your snow looks prettier than our snow from the same storm? Yours looks like the nice fluffy stuff, and ours was the horrible wet heavy icky kind. But hey -- at least someone shoveled for you!

  2. I love (and miss) snow. Didn't really enjoy driving in it, but if you don't have to go anywhere it is HEAVEN!


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