08 December 2009

Wisconsin Winter Wonderland

It was a lovely drive to work yesterday. The frost on the bare branches made the trees look eerie and fragile. The thin layer of snow on the frozen lakes glistened in the sun. The Northwoods of Wisconsin are so very different from the evergreen forests of Washington but beautiful in their own right. I hummed Winter Wonderland all the way to work.

We're expecting snow over the next two days. And lots of it!


Karen M. Peterson said...

I'm a fan of snow in theory, but not so much in reality!

It is nice to look at, though!

Beth @ Spots On My Apples said...

You are so lucky! We don't see much snow in Houston- until recently that is! Of course I am happy for whatever I can get, but it didn't even stick at my house. :( Enjoy yours!

Trish said...

Merry SITSmas to you... Just stopping by to visit fellow bloggers. Love the snow :o)


Mrs. M said...

I bet it looks so beautiful! Stopping by from SITS to say hello!!

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