10 December 2009

In Other News

Crandon newcomer Lola N. (2) has made the front page of the Forest Republican, Forest County's local newspaper, within eight days of her arrival. She was photographed last Saturday admiring Dr. Perry's annual Christmas lights display in the company of her mother and grandparents.

Miss N. declined to comment when asked for a response to her front page appearance. She was, however, prepared to admit she really liked the pretty lights.


Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

Thanks for stopping by today it is nice to meet you. Love the snowy picture. Have a wonderful white Christmas :)

Dumb Mom said...

You have quite an interesting story here! I'm 100% sure I'm nowhere near as brave as you are. But, that could be because my life with three constantly warring, anti-quiet, nose picking, finger licking, peanut allergic (1 anyway) monster trucks pretending to be male children may have shaken my nerve a bit. Good luck in your new home. Stopped by from SITS.

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