10 December 2010

The World's Largest Christmas Tree

When I was growing up, we lived in IJsselstein, a small historic town about an hour away from The Hague, the city where I was born. Whenever we drove to The Hague to visit family, my sister and I would be on the lookout for the red brick chimney stacks of the Nutricia factory, a sign that we were almost there. On the way back our focus point was the tall broadcast tower of Lopik, a little neighboring town just a few miles from IJsselstein.

The chimney stacks are long gone but the broadcast tower is still there. In December of 1990 someone thought of the brilliant idea to put lights on the cables that hold the tower upright, turning it into the world's largest Christmas tree.

I read on the Dutch news the lights came on again today. Little children driving home with their parents can marvel at the sight of the beautiful 'tree' lighting up the nighttime sky and start singing "We're almost there...," just like my sister and I once did.


  1. You have got a serious christmas theme going in your blogs, I am thinking you really love this time of year. :) keep them coming, their great!


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