17 January 2009

Modern Technology

My child likes to practice her fine motor skills. She loves playing with all the tech devices we have in the barn. The phones, the remote controls, and the digital thermometer – she prefers these over her toys. Our keyboard has to be put back together on a regular basis. Put them away, I hear you thinking. We do, but she’s quicker – and taller – than we anticipate. Obviously Ryan and I are much slower learners than Lola and have to suffer the consequences. Our keyboard is missing the H, for instance. This is pretty darn inconvenient if your name is Hanneke van H. and you’re from Holland. But even for Ryan N. from Wisconsin it is a pest. The English language has an awful lot of words with an H. Fortunately I can copy and paste my name (Thank You, Matthijs van H.!).

There is a lot we do not have in the barn. Some might even say too much. But we do okay, really! It’s funny, the things you learn about yourself when your circumstances change. A person doesn’t need that much. What is perceived as a necessity is often a luxury. Our luxuries are a burden at the moment because we cannot use them and have to store them. I thought the bucket would be hard. But no, it’s the kitchen sink I miss most. I want to pour things down the drain! And I wouldn’t mind being able to wash my hands and look out a window downstairs. All in good time…

What we do have, apart from our health and each other, is modern technology. The internet has proven to be much more important to me than I would have ever thought. I am happy our landline is up again, and I do enjoy watching CSI, but I would have no problem giving them up if I have to. But not my internet connection! I’d fight for that one. It’s my way to apply for jobs, to keep up with the news, to stay connected. I love blogging my story, finding friends on Facebook – I have even started to use the ‘chat’, getting back in touch.

Now, if only I could find the mouse. Lola!


  1. Rudy van Heijningen20 January, 2009

    Lola understands it too: it's technology that matters!Hopefully she'll also develop skills to perform technology assessment, preferably at an earlier age than her granddad did. It took me over 30 years to enter this noble art professionally.

  2. She managed to wreck the mouse, though...



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